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stefuss in forging_on

UK nine meals from anarchy

Link to whenshtf.com thread about UK being 9 meals away from anarchy.



I'd think the same goes for pretty much anywhere. People get pretty proactive when they get hungry.
I think a lot of Americans at the moment are disillusioned as to what their breaking point is. "We survived the trials of the great depression, this should be easy in comparison." is the oft-repeated wisdom I am hearing lately. What they fail to understand is that since the great depression took place the US and other western nations have transformed completely into consumer societies utterly dependent on large-scale importing of all their basic needs from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Not to mention that the populations of these countries take a lot less shit these days, they want their creature comforts and they want them now. If you were running low on food during the great depression and you had a better-prepared neighbour, the chances are you'd end up clubbing resources together and feeding both households. Nowadays? I'd expect the hungry to view it as their right to loot from and perhaps even kill the better-prepared.

Totally Agree

The rich-poor divide has also gotten way worse, leaving a majority without the power to prepare, how can one save when many are repaying debt with their each paycheque and borrowing to pay rent and food?

There is less wilderness, and what waters we are near have became MORE polluted.

Ontario used to be a great place for farming, Toronto used to be known as 'hogtown', but our farms have been brought up by developers to further the sprawl, etc.
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